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one mo’ time

19 November 2009

True Things Thursday.

1) I went to a presentation at MSU today, and being on campus among students, I thought to myself, “maybe it would’ve been fun to come to a big school like this, and be ‘just a number’,” but then as I wandered the cavernous, seemingly unending concrete halls looking for my lecture hall, I decided I missed my cozy little liberal arts school. I like it here.

2) Christmas music. I’ve succumbed. (that’s a funny word to sound out. s u c c u m b e d.) I usually get grumbly over the too-soon-ness of the holidays, but this year I’m more okay with it. (Am I getting old? Am I, like Sherman Alexie said of himself at convo last week, “nostalgic for nostalgia”?)

3) Taco Bell Black Jack Tacos are God’s gift to fast food. And they’re friggen 89 cents, people! 89 cents!!

4) I love getting my daily news from It’s a great mix of politics, smart cultural commentary, and mindless celeb gossip. check it out.

5) My book club is having a good ol’ girlie sleepover this weekend, and I absolutely can’t wait! I need a little break of pure silliness. Between Twilight and Bump-Its (yes. Bump-Its.) and junk food and sleep-deprivation, I think some silliness will ensue.

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